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I Am Your Own (2008 Blue Daydreaming session, previous unreleased|2008[白日梦蓝]录制,先前未发表)
我是你的 2'56''



A/#Fm 140bpm
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    青蓝后世光影 1'23''
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    眨眼睛 3'16''
    sunday i spend my time with you
    we have some drink and have some fruit
    all my time have wasted with you
    i feel so tired but you feel cool
    you are so shy
    i am so glad
    everyday i try to find you
    i work so hard to make you feel
    i am the best boy to fit you
    no more happyness you can choose
    you are so shine
    i am so glad
    i need your love
    i am your own
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