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u r really quite something
u r quite something
u r quite something
u r really fucking something

i m not kidding
i say it cause I really mean it

that tree is too high for you to climb it 
you'd better see yourself clearly before you try it
i don‘t care what they are talking
if there is nothing about me or about our music 

nowadays i'm not on morphine
but i try something last evening
it feels like there is a train
fast running through my brain  

it's really quite something
now i need it every morning
they say you are fucking stupid
they say they already done that shit

what kind of shit life should be
does it suppose to mean something?

all my life have been destroyed 
suicide is waiting ahead of me(the only exit)
life is shaped only by your own choice
so don't cry over spilt milk rain

whatever am i now looking
i don't care how somebody judges me 
whatever is waiting in front of me 
at last we all go to a same place

all must die even sun and the universe

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