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We Fly Into Space


爱 降临于我 在纯洁的季节
恨 刺痛于我 在思考的昼夜

我幻想的欢乐的伙伴 疏离于时间长河
追逐于内心盛宴 惨死在欲望的街边

世俗 轮转于干燥的物质世界
艺术 自毁于湿润的精神原野

凡客止步 闪烁的城镇河边
小人忙碌 打磨漂亮的鸡毛令箭


自由与爱之声 穿透了干涸的屏幕
之后 进入了一片 潮湿的坟墓
流向永恒 浩瀚的太空

Out of the dream
Step into the space
Keep your eyes open
Watch the world shaken

Love came to me in bloom ages
Hate pinging me every thinking night

Friends in my dream, Alienation in the river of time
Chasing their great goals, Dying by the street of desire

Earthliness, rotating in the insipid material world
Art, self-destroyed in the wet mental champaign

Mortal beings recoiled by the shinning riverside
Ratfink busy polishing the enticing fake scepter

Open your eyes to the world
without those rumors and confusion
Let your heart drive you to the future

The voice of freedom and love
breaking though the dried up screen
then, going into a dank graveyard
With the pain would never be able to reverse
Floating into the eternal and vast space

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