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  • Hedgehog equipments requirements, Stage Pos&Settings, LED LOGO image download etc.
    2011-12-16 17:56:00 cat:About/Contact/Stage Sets/VJ etc. 
    9.Guitar Effect PADELS mini BIG MUFF x1 BOSS DD-7 digital delay x1 10.Fender GUITAR series http://intl.fender.com/zh-CN/guitars/jaguar/american-vintage-65-jaguar-round-lam-rosewood-fingerboard-3-color-sunburst/ American Vintage '65 JaguarAmerican Vintage 62 Custom Telecaster®(0106200)
  • To C☏ntact Us
    2011-04-25 00:20:10 cat:About/Contact/Stage Sets/VJ etc. 
    ★Band Members(Contact For Interview, Gigs etc.) Rock Atom Tel: 18613802710 Email: Mr.Fun Tel: 13671111579 RockZO Wechat: rockzo Email: ★Manager(CHINA, contact for copyrights etc.) Wechat:Maybecaptain Email: ★Manager(USA) Michael J. LoJudice    
  • Bi✪/About HEDGEHOG
    2011-04-22 13:14:58 cat:About/Contact/Stage Sets/VJ etc. 
    For Stage Settings And Live LED Background Logos Download Click Here:http://ciweiyuedui.com/article/hedgehog_equipments_requirements-_stage_pos-amp-amp-settings-_led_logo_image_download_etc Hedgehog, 2011.2 Guitar/Vocal:ZO (bottom) Bass:Fun (right top) Drum/Vocal:Atom (left top) 吉他/唱: 子健 (下) 贝司: 何一帆 (右上) 鼓/唱: 阿童木 (左上) 前成员:博宣 2006-2009 间刺猬贝司手,共同完成了包括《白日梦蓝》在内的前三张唱片的编曲与录制。 --- http://w
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