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  • Smart Shanghai: 2014 Albums of the Year, Phantom Pop Star RANK#2

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    2. Hedgehog Album: Phantom Pop Star Label: Modern Sky Format: CD/Digital Website: Bandcamp

 Another amazing indie rock album of 2014 was Phantom Pop Star from Beijing’s Hedgehog. This six song journey really takes the time to tell a story and in this world of randomly scattered MP3s it’s refreshing to see an album that captivates you from start to finish. Modern Sky put this album out and whether you love or hate the label it’s still clear they care about the quality of Chinese music (at least a portion of their company still does). Recorded in the Busy Bee Studio of Beijing and mixed down by Liu Feng Shuo, the Modern Sky big wigs spared no expense on the production of this masterpiece. This album fuses classic brit rock with Chinese pop to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Also it doesn’t hurt that the tiny drummer girl Atom, who also plays in Nova Heart, is probably the best person on this earth. The CD for Phantom Pop Star goes for 25 USD so maybe just download the digital copy. Damn I wish this one was on vinyl too. Come on Modern Sky, get in the game and realize that CDs are done and vinyl is the future, man.