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  • Phantom Pop Star, tuffgnarl.com 5星评价的new record review

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    Beijing, China trio Hedgehog are releasing a new album next week entitled “Phantom Pop Star”. Hedgehog creates a magical dreamscape of beautiful and articulate noise pop. Dual vocalists help propel the band into unknown territory in songs like Phantom Pop Star. The track mashes guitarist/vocalist Zo’s poppy yet less up-beat voice with drummer/vocalist’s Atom’s gorgeous higher-pitched vocals and the culmination of the two is absolutely marvelous. The highlight of this record is the song DDDDDDreaMMMMMM. Atom simply shines in what may end up being my pick for “Single of 2014″.
    <图1> The musical arrangements are at times reminiscent of Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth and Silversun Pickups meets Deerhoof but with a more polished sound. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, then you’ll dig Hedgehog. “Phantom Pop Star” was recorded at Busy Bee Studios in Beijing and I cannot overstate enough the caliber of this recording. It perfectly captures the mood of this up and coming group. “Phantom Pop Star” is pure perfection from start to finish.