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    American Vintage 62 Custom Telecaster®(0106200)

    this Guitar was the only guitar which ZO use for all the records/tours during 2008.3-2015.2, play from LP to LP, city to city around the world. the classic HEDGEHOG clean Guitar sound from "Blue Daydreaming", "Honeyed And Killed", "Phantom Pop Star", "Neurons" etc. was all generated by this special Telecaster. for tours, it has travelled from North to South almost all the big cities in CHINA, and on road with the Band from coast to coast all the way down to NEW YORK during 2009 SING FOR CHINA US TOUR, 2011 HEDGEHOG EAST COAST TOUR \w XIU XIU, 2012 AUSTRALLIA TOUR \w REGERITATOR... ZO always make things he used named Z-Things, like personal stickers, hand drew paintings etc. which made it both sounds and looks as HEDGEHOG thing at the first sight. Appearantally it is the most valuable HEDGEHOG Guitar. Email US your price: hedgehogband@gmail.com
    这把吉他是子健2015年前唯一的一把美产FENDER顶级吉他,它录制了2009-2015年,从《白日梦蓝》到《神经元》的全部刺猬专辑。乐迷至今仍津津乐道的刺猬经典的透明脆亮的干琴音色就是由这把琴发声的,原木白条包边美产经典69TELECASTER是FENDER该系列吉他中品质最高,同时也是最昂贵的一款,音色历久弥新,而且越来越好听。 这把琴不但贡献了5张专辑近70首作品的吉他声音,同时也跟随刺猬巡遍了祖国的大江南北,并在2009年远跨太平洋,全程跟随刺猬公路横穿美国,成功完成了乐队的首次海外巡演。并参与了2012年的澳大利亚巡演。 毫无疑问,这把TELE是刺猬最经典也最具纪念意义的一把吉他。 Email我们你的价格,我们会与您取得联系~ hedgehogband@gmail.com