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  • City Weekend 关于新专辑Sun Fun Gun的采访 2012.6

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    Hi, everyone, i am RockZo
    <图1> This is your fifth studio album. What have you learned about recording since your first release? for our first album Happy Idle Kid we almost know nothing about recording, and no one can help us, after we signed in modernsky, we can cooperate with engineer to produce our album together, but you know,very less people here 4 or 5 years ago know how to make a album sound rock, but they know how to make it sound ok, so for this album Sun Fun Gun we want it as rock as possible, just like our live show, we think John Grew who record it for us, he successfully catch the orignal power of Hedgehog, and Liu Feng Shuo (mastering and mixing) he give the music more space and imagination, that is what we are searching for years. When Box left in 2010, you started doing more experimental music? How did that change your sound? yep, box he like play bass solo in music, so the space for guitar is limited before, just play chord to make the music sounds more stable, now Mr.Fun he play more punk based bass line, it give more room for guitar at the same give more possibility of the music. Some people are calling your new album "more mature" - what do you think of that description? it is hard to make people 100% interesting with a band when they already released their 5th album, we are more mature, that's for sure and true, we know what we have done, we think that album is different with the others, and we like it the best, that really sounds like Hedgehog. What is your favorite song on the new album and why? What's the story behind it? Heart On Fire, because it fresh in rhythm and guitar and the whole structure of the song, for the lyric it just the situation we faced here for years, most of the young generation they face the same problem and think about the same question about the country --- where are the true and kind heart people gone? can money works out everything here? at last it is a 100% rock&roll song. You've toured pretty extensively overseas. What's the best place you've been, and why?Where's your favorite place in Beijing to perform? New York is the best, underground music there is really cool and bands are really creative and live really fast.. D22 is our favorite place in Beijing, no other choice. What are your favorite Chinese bands? Anyone we haven't heard of before? Space Bitch, they are very punk rock