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Yesterday Was Shining On, The Future Is Now
往昔耀今朝,The Future Is Now 04'51''

「A Newborn White Immortal」


E 146bpm CN-Z51-20-00222
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    过往昔伤悲 ⋄ 释今朝自由 ⋄ 然明日依旧
    "so, tell us about you"
    "OK, en..."
    1983 i was born
    crawling into this modern fancy world
    what’ve happened then?  
    where have you been?
    those rock and roll graves
    as you know, life fucks us all (o shit!)
    since then the world is nice
    people are friendly and kind
    or you can say at least it appears as
    how did everything go
    what did you do for a living
    it's been so fucking great (great!)
    now i am a Chinese rock'n'roll legend (yeah!)
    as time flies i lost my mind
    i’ve tried so hard to survive
    it's not nice it's a sad story
    it feels like i've got another life
    woo woo woo woo
    things appear as they really are
    woo woo woo woo
    i can see just what i want to see
    woo woo woo woo
    they live as they supposed to be
    woo woo woo woo
    i can live as they don’t even exist
    i lost my mind lost my sight
    i am so blind to be your eyes
    every next time seems like a last time
    if there is a next life hope i were born another kind
    (i lost...)
    🎸 - ?


    1 = C (root note)
    120 bpm (bit per minute)
    ♩= (1/4bar note) = 1bit
    ♪ = 1/2♩(1/8bar note) = 1/2bit
    ♫ = 2 x 1/2♩=1bit
    -/↓/↑ = 1/2♩(1/8bar note) = 1/2bit
    ♬ = 2 x 1/2 ♪ (1/16bar note) = 1/2bit
    | = bar line  
    Number = Guitar Pad Position = ♪
    (when without appendix mark 
    default value = 1/2bit) 
    🎸 +0 EBGDAE
    A[(0/2/3/4) 22200]
    pick order for INTRO
    E                           |        ‿x
    B                           |              ‿x
    G                           |  ‿x              x‿
    D                       x  |                        
    A  x x           x    x  |
    E        x x  x    x     |


    - Intro
    - Bridge
    - solo(clean)
    - Bridge2(STOP POINT at the END)
    C(woo woo woo+things appear as...)
    B2(atom chorus background)
    - solo(distortion)
    - END(oppressive guitar play part)
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